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We love free culture.

A bit of history

Asturix was started off in 2008 by Luis Iván, a then-12-year-old teen that was really bored of school.

Until 2012 Asturix was an Operating System based on Linux - AKA a Linux distribution - focused on User Experience.

It got more than 60,000 users in more than 20 countries and ranked 6th at DistroWatch twice.

With its third version it was the world's first OS integrating facelogin. Later Google added the same feature to Android.

Its fourth version spotted Asturix On, the first desktop environment fully based on web technologies.

Luis was named as Best Hacker of Europe under 18 in the HackNow contest after presenting On.

Asturix was also a finalist in various european contests organized by Campus Party.

What we do now

After stopping all development of the OS, we moved on to new challenges.

We believe that nowadays free culture should be pushed forward as hard as possible.

And we will do so. We will announce something to achieve it in the following months.

Also, thanks to all the expertise that our years developing the OS brought us, we offer advanced software consulting.

We are focusing on high-scalability web applications and enterprise free software solutions.

The people